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New Music Video by Zain Bhikha 'Slowly Slow'

This music video release of Zain Bhikha's song 'Slowly Slow'- featured on the album "Allah Knows" will coincide with Father's Day 2013 as it conveys a touching, powerful message to fathers and sons throughout the world. The poignant words encapsulated in Zain Bhikha's heart rendering song, resonate with a message of love and guidance from a father to his son. It is a strong reminder for all fathers to heed, to value and to hold dear one of the most precious of all relationships, that is, of father and son. Check it out on You Tube now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABMdSgIWFKY&list=FLgX8Ues5bp1eiWG-BDQqonw

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