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About Nur al-Habib
About Nur al-Habib

Nur al-Habib Productions is an Islamic Media Production Company founded in 2004, dedicated to combining the values and spirituality of traditional Islam with the best of modern professionalism and convenience.  It specializes in the creation, production and distribution of Islamic music and literature – both traditional and contemporary – with a strong emphasis on that which illuminates the beautiful, the mystical and the transcendent in Islam. As a record label, it is the driving force behind the works of Talib al-Habib. 
As a Muslim company, it operates strictly according to the ethical precepts of Islamic Law, whose cornerstones are trustworthiness (amana), fairness (adl) and excellence of conduct (ihsan) towards consumers, artists and other media partners.  It has discovered and promoted nasheed artists from four continents, and works with students of knowledge, charities and scholars to promote a balanced and holistic perception of Islam.   

Its founding principle is the re-introduction of the concept of ihsan - the science of spiritual perfection as expounded by the Holy Prophet - into lives of contemporary Muslims. Ihsan is to behold the Infinite in the ordinary, to reach beyond the temporary to grasp the Eternal, and to attain perfection and beauty in every facet of one’s life. All this can only be accomplished, according to every luminary of the classical Islamic path, if the heart is illuminated with the light of the Beloved.

The Nur al-Habib logo is an abstraction of this concept. The base represents the heart, the three pillars represent the Islamic principles of Iman (faith), Islam (practice) and Ihsan (devotion and spirituality) which, when combined, produce the illuminating radiance that guides hearts – by the enabling grace of Allah – to the love and light of the Beloved.