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Songs of Innocence

Artist: Talib al-Habib
Format: CD

Price: £9.99

Language: English/Arabic

Songs of Innocence by Talib al-Habib
Songs of Innocence is a collection of eight original English-language songs from Talib al-Habib, a student of the sacred sciences and Medical Doctor. Its subject matter has been aptly described as, 'love of Allah, love of his Prophet, love of teacher, love of family, and love of mankind.' Adapted from a series of poems composed over ten years, they were set to music in a six month period following Ramadhan 1425, in response to the encouragement of several nasheed artists. Talib drew on his childhood experiences of choral singing in arranging the songs, and utilised the daff for percussion after consultation with recognised scholars of traditional Islam.

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Salat al-Badriyya
Songs of Innocence
Hayya ala Salah
Beloved Nabi
Gift of Life
Ya Habibi Sayyidi
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